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Grid Modernization Planned for Sorrento, Italy

An agreement signed between the Municipality of Sorrento, Italy and Terna calls for sharing technological solutions and locations in building the plants and systems for a new electricity grid in the Municipality of Sorrento. The project, for which Terna will invest 67 million euros, involves building two new 150-kV buried cable power lines connected to a new power station in the Municipality of Sorrento and has as its objective that of increasing safety in the electricity system of the area.

The present transmission grid that supplies the Sorrentina peninsula is characterized by a single and insufficient 60-kV connection dating back to 1960. This system does not allow safely managing the grid, especially during the summer when a significant increase in the local electricity demand causes frequent malfunctioning and a low quality in the electricity service.

In addition to greater safety, Terna’s project which is shared with the Municipality of Sorrento, will also include significant environmental benefits. Once the new infrastructures are built after the various construction phases, 16 km of existing overhead lines will be removed, part of which were built inside of towns.

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