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Glen Innes-to-Inverell Power Line Project Nearing Completion

Glen Innes-to-Inverell Power Line Project Nearing Completion

TransGrid, New South Wales, Australia, has commenced the final phase of construction on a new $25 million high voltage power line connecting Glen Innes and Inverell.

TransGrid’s Senior Project Manager Dany Gittani said the Glen Innes to Inverell Project is essential to ensure the reliability of the electricity network supplying the Northern Tablelands. “The project involves the replacement of 55-km of existing power line and the construction of 11 km of new high capacity transmission line between Glen Innes and Inverell,” Gittani said. “The 11-km section of new power line has been completed and TransGrid has started rebuilding the existing transmission line."

Upon completion of the project, Glen Innes and Inverell will have an additional high voltage link connecting them to the NSW grid, as well as a second connection between the existing Essential Energy and TransGrid Substations at Glen Innes.

“By building a high voltage link between Glen Innes and Inverell, we are improving supply for residential and commercial customers in the area,” said Gittani. “Crews are working at both the Inverell and Glen Innes sections line simultaneously, with work scheduled for completion in mid 2010. We’d like to thank the community for their patience and co-operation during the past year.”

Construction works began in Glen Innes during February 2010 and is expected to be completed in July 2011. The project is part of a larger plan to strengthen the north west of TransGrid’s transmission network, following the completion of TransGrid’s new substation at Glen Innes in 2007.

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