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Giant Electricity Transformer On the Move

A huge new electricity transformer destined for the National Grid substation in Drakelow was delivered to the substation successfully. On Sunday, Oct. 26 the supergrid transformer left the docks at Goole at 7 a.m. and made its seven-hour journey to the high voltage substation.

After leaving the docks, the 56 m-long vehicle carrying the 137 ton load traveled along the motorway network and local roads until it reached its destination.

The transformer will replace the existing equipment that has reached the end of its operational life and will enable National Grid to meet the growing demand for electricity in the area.

Tony Kane, National Grid project manager, said: “This is a large piece of equipment to move, and its route has needed careful planning. We have tried to avoid causing too much disruption by working on a Sunday and are grateful to local residents for their patience and cooperation.”

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