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First Stage of Powerlink Substation Rebuild Completed

The first stage of a $27.3 million project to rebuild the West Darra Substation in Queensland, Australia has been completed, according to Minister for Mines and Energy Geoff Wilson. “The rebuild is important to ensure electricity demand in the South West Brisbane area can continue to be met now and into the future,” Mr. Wilson said.

“Electricity demand in the area is forecast to grow strongly at around 8% a year over the next three years. The rapid growth that is being experienced in the area is due to significant residential, commercial and industrial development,” he said.

To meet this growth, Powerlink is replacing the equipment at the West Darra Substation, which is more than 40 years old.

Powerlink Chief Executive, Gordon Jardine said the replacement of equipment at the West Darra Substation was scheduled to occur over two years, with stage two to be undertaken next year. “The work includes removing all of the existing substation equipment, and installing new equipment within the existing substation boundaries,” Mr Jardine said. This is occurring in two stages, to enable the substation to continue to maintain a reliable supply of electricity throughout the project.

“This is a significant project, and when completed will help build on new infrastructure that Powerlink has recently completed in the South West Brisbane area, further strengthening the high voltage electricity network, Jardine said.

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