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First-Ever California Construction Expo Comes to Los Angeles Convention Center

More than $100 billion worth of upcoming construction projects will be highlighted at the first-ever California Construction Expo, as a consortium of government agencies seek contractors, designers and workers for the building program sprees ahead. The Los Angeles Community College District, Los Angeles Unified School District and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California together will host the California Construction Expo on Aug. 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A.

The Expo will showcase the more than $100 billion in government construction contracts proposed or currently underway in a variety of sectors, from schools and airports to utilities and infrastructure. Contractors, designers, construction professionals and suppliers will have the opportunity to hear directly from leading government agencies about the many opportunities available for contracting.

Workshops offered at the Expo will cover a variety of areas in construction including building California schools and airports; public utilities and infrastructure; sustainable design and LEED(TM) (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certification; and effective means to attract skilled labor in today's competitive marketplace. The Expo will also showcase the latest innovative products and services relevant to the construction field and related industries, while providing networking opportunities for businesses and individuals interested in California's construction industry.

The California Construction Expo is hosted by government sector agencies that understand the nature of the construction industry. California needs solutions to the challenges it faces in finding viable industry contractors capable of meeting construction schedules on time and within budget while under the shadow of a national labor shortage. The California Construction Expo 2006 has the answers. To register or for more information, visit www.CalConExpo.com.

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