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First BritNed Transformers Arrived at Maasvlakte, The Netherlands

The first three transformers have arrived at the BritNed converter station which is currently under construction at Maasvlakte (near Rotterdam, The Netherlands).
The transformers were transported from the Siemens factory in Nuremberg in Germany by trailer and then by ship to Maasvlakte. After a week’s journey, they reached their final destination.

At the APM terminals at Maasvlakte, the transformers were hoisted onto a trailer with great care and subsequently transported to the BritNed site. This was a fairly demanding job that took two days to complete. 

BritNed will install a total of 14 transformers: six (with one reserve) on both the Dutch and the British sides. These will be installed at the converter stations at the Isle of Grain (Great Britain) and at Maasvlakte (The Netherlands). The transformers will ensure that the 1,000-MW that can be transmitted across the BritNed cable will be able to connect to the transmission networks in Great Britain (400 kV) and the Netherlands (380 kV) without any problems. 

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