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Fault Tamer Fuse Limiter

S&C Electric Co.'s 38-kV Fault Tamer Fuse Limiter was developed in response to requests for a two-component fusing system for use at 38 kV. The 38-kV backup limiter has the same size and shape as the 25-kV backup limiter, but contains an additional length of ribbon element as required to successfully clear faults on 38-kV systems. The molded cover prominently identifies the 38-kV maximum voltage rating of the 38-kV backup limiter, to help ensure the device is properly applied.

The 38-kV series fuse tube design represents a departure from the fuse tubes used on the 15-kV and 25-kV Fault Tamers. Instead of an engineered plastic molding, the new fuse tube uses the same MultiWind material as in Type XS Fuse Cutout fuse tubes. This material is stronger and has equivalent or better arc-interrupting properties.

The continuous-current rating of the 38-kV Fault Tamer is 20 A, the same as the rating for both the 15-kV and 25-kV models. The 38-kV Fault Tamer can protect a wide range of overhead distribution transformers rated through 250-kVA single phase and 750-kVA three phase. Visit S&C Electric Co.

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