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Excavator-Tool Carrier

Excavator-Tool Carrier

The Ditch Witch XT855 excavator-tool carrier is a compact, multi-function machine that features an excavator with a 260-degree swing plus a tool carrier that can drive as many as 70 compact utility attachments.

The XT855 is equipped with a powerful engine (net 30 hp/22.4 kW) and directs up to 18 hp (13.4 kW) to the tool carrier end, so attachments are more productive. The XT855 has a lift capacity of up to 1080 lb (490 kg) when equipped with optional extension legs, which provide leveling support in difficult digging conditions such as muddy and uneven terrain.

The many advanced features and capabilities of the new and improved XT855 were based on customer input, but the principle behind the unique excavator-tool carrier—the real value to the customer—remains the same: one machine that does the work of at least two, which can significantly reduce monthly maintenance, fuel, labor and transport expenses.

The excavator end of the XT855 has a 260-degree operating radius, enabling the machine to offset dig and deposit spoils anywhere within the excavator's swing arc. With the XT855 the operator can dig against a footing, wall or fence and dig a number of trenches without having to move the machine. Zero-radius turning helps the XT855 maneuver in tight spots, and getting to those tight spots is made easier by the machine's 50-inch (1.3 m) width.

Utility contractors and construction professionals often find themselves with little room to operate, and for them the XT855 offers many benefits. In addition to its ability to dig utility trenches at awkward angles—a situation often encountered in crowded urban areas, small backyards, or around zero-lot-line housing additions—the XT855 is engineered with a level of power to the tool carrier end that enables each attachment, whether it's a trencher or a jackhammer or a vibratory plow, to perform the way it is intended.

The productivity of any machine is relative to the productivity of its operator, which is why the new XT855 has many features designed with operator comfort and convenience in mind. One is the XT855's isolated engine package, which minimizes engine vibration throughout the main frame and reduces overall noise output. Another is the easy-access service compartment containing theXT855's valves, relays, and controller. Having this single compartment greatly simplifies maintenance and minimizes downtime.

Ditch Witch www.ditchwitch.com

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