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Excavating Drill

Watson's Model EDT-5 ExcaDrill provides versatility and access advantages for high-production drilling on restricted-site applications. The EDT-5 mounts to the boom tip of any conventional 30 metric ton excavator to provide swing, reach and variable grade drilling capabilities. The 40,000-ft/lb (12-km/lb) dual-motor rotary enables both high/low and variable drill speed control from 30-rpm low to 60-rpm high drill speed and 120 rpm spin-off to quickly clear the auger. The engineering technology incorporated into the crowd circuit allows a full-length crowd stroke of the outer element along with an adjustable crowd pressure, as well as an on-demand, push-button, slow crowd function.

Front-to-back and side-to-side tilt features enable setup in varying ground slope conditions. Design options are available to meet specific needs with mast heights from 18 ft to 25 ft (5 m to 8 m) tall and drill depths from 20 ft to 2 ft (6 m to 25 m). Other options include round self-locking kelly bars, electronic depth and tilt displays, and a high-capacity kelly winch.

Watson Inc. www.watsonusa.com

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