Wildlife protection for switches

Enhanced Wildlife-Protection Option for S&C Omni-Rupter Switches

Birds and squirrels are a leading cause of outages on utility distribution systems. To help address the problem, S&C announces an enhanced wildlife protection option for S&C Omni-Rupter® Switches in the upright mounting configuration. The wildlife protection option features unique angled wildlife discs that cover the bases of switch support insulators to prevent animals from making phase-to-grounded part contact.

S&C has improved the disc design to provide enhanced visibility of the open or closed state of the switch contact position. The updated wildlife discs are now perforated, a design that enhances viewing of the jaw contacts while continuing to provide an excellent barrier between the energized and grounded parts of the switch.

The wildlife discs snap together without tools, and fit both Cypoxy™ and porcelain insulators. The wildlife discs are made of a durable, flexible, UV-stabilized polycarbonate material—the same material S&C has used on distribution fuse rain caps for over 20 years. The wildlife discs float on the insulators and have no effect on their insulation characteristics, but attach securely enough to avoid spinning or movement during high winds.

Wildlife protection for switches

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