Electricity Network Upgrade for the Lockyer Valley Complete

Energex, Queensland, Australia, has invested $2.7 million and upgraded the Tent Hill Substation which will benefit nearly 900 homes and businesses in the local area. The project involved retiring three 33/11kV transformers and associated equipment and replaced with new  equipment at the substation on located on the corner of Krenskes and Ingoldsby Road, Upper Tenthill.

Energex Asset Manager Gary Madigan said the replacement of electrical equipment at the substation would improve the reliability of power supply to customers in the local area including Blenheim, Caffey, Egypt, Fordsdale, Gatton, Glen Cairn, Ingoldsby, Lilydale, Lower Tent Hill, Ma Ma Creek, Mount Whitestone, Rockside, Ropeley, Upper Tent Hill, West Haldon, Winwill and Woodlands.

“The upgrade to the substation will ensure a more reliable power supply to the local area with newer, more efficient equipment,” he said. “By replacing the equipment, it will ensure Energex can meet the long-term electricity needs of the homes and businesses in the area.”

Madigan thanked the local community for their patience and input during the planning and construction of the new substation.

This project is part of Energex’s commitment to provide a safe, secure and highly reliable, cost effective electricity supply to its customers.

The capital works program aims to improve and reinforce electricity supplies across South East Queensland, especially to meet peak electricity demand periods, and to support the increased use of residential solar power and lifestyle enhancing appliances, such as air-conditioners and flat screen televisions.

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