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Duratel Composite Poles Stand Up To Winter Storms

As winter storms continue to pound the country, utilities are recognizing the value and durability of composite poles manufactured by Duratel. Duratel is an innovative manufacturer of reinforced composite transmission and distribution poles, street lighting structures, and composite crossarms - which offer significant advantages over traditional materials like wood, steel, and concrete. Customers that have installed the product have found that the recent wave of ice, wind, sleet and snow are no match for the Duratel poles, said Brian Lacoursiere, senior vice Ppresident, Sales & Engineering for Duratel.

Engineered to endure extreme weather conditions and last longer than timber, concrete and steel, Duratel poles offer utilities a cost effective alternative than traditional distribution poles. Composite poles can be installed with less equipment and manpower than other products and have proven to significantly speed up recovery from severe weather and natural disasters.

Duratel poles are produced with a uniform diameter and strength, eliminating the need for multiple class poles to be kept in inventory. One Duratel pole can be used for a variety of applications, saving time and reducing the need to stock and search through inventory for a particular pole class.

Duratel www.duratelgreen.com
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