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Ditch Witch Offers Trencher Track Option

The Ditch Witch organization now offers a heavy-duty track option with two of its innovative Zahn compact trenchers: the two-wheel-drive R230 and R300.

Until now, each Zahn unit has offered standard air-filled or optional urethane-filled, flat-proof tires for enhanced traction. By equipping their Zahn R230 or R300 with these new heavy-duty tracks, customers can increase their machines’ traction, especially on uneven and rough terrain.

With heavy-duty tracks, the Zahn can travel across trenches, a great advantage when installing irrigation systems. Unlike the tracks of some competitors, these heavy-duty tracks "walk" or oscillate 12 degrees, which helps provide greater traction when loading, unloading, and maneuvering over curbs or other rough and uneven terrain.

Another benefit of these tracks is their high-flotation design, which helps minimize surface damage to turf and enables the operator to work confidently on and around sensitive landscapes and established lawns.

Tracks do not increase the width of the R230 and R300, so each machine can still fit comfortably through a standard 36-inch (0.9 m) yard gate.

Introduced in 2007, the Zahn family of trenchers offers a unique combination of power, speed, versatility, visibility and maneuverability. Each Zahn power unit includes the engine, operator’s console, and articulation joint. Unlike standard compact utility attachments, each front end compatible with the Zahn power unit is designed to provide true, dedicated performance. The two-wheel-drive R230 and R300 models accept two types of trencher front ends.

Optional heavy-duty tracks are scheduled to be available with all other Zahn models—the four-wheel-drive R230 and R300, both of which accept seven different types of front ends—in August 2010.

For more information about the Zahn and optional tracks, please call 800-654-6481 or visit.

Ditch Witch

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