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Digital Phasing/Voltage Testers

Digital Phasing/Voltage Testers

Hi-Line Utility Supply Co. is pleased to enable linemen to remove one more obstacle to their safe return after working on high-voltage lines in the field: The cord currently strung between most phase testers being used today.

The newest product on the market combines the functions of multiple testers and meters, eliminating weight and clutter on trucks, and is cordless, meaning the elimination of one more danger to workers’ safety.

The Cordless Digital Phasing Tester allows linemen to test for phase sequence and angles, voltage ranges between 4 kV and 69 kV and operates at a range of up to 100 ft. One kit allows linemen to test three-phase secondary systems, capacitive test points, URD (Underground Rural Distribution) systems (up to 35 kV), as well as overhead and transmission/substation systems (up to 69 kV), replacing multiple older model tools.

The product is designed to function in harsh weather and darkness, with backlit displays and easy-to-read high-intensity, color coded lights. Additionally, the tool offers linemen many choices in how to display information, via degrees or voltage measurements.

Hi-Line Utility Supply Co.

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