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Deere C-Series excavator has zero-tail swing

With maximum power in a small package, the newest member of Deere's C-Series excavator line—the zero-tail-swing 75C—now is available for purchase from all John Deere dealers. "Like all of our C-Series excavators, the 75C is a productive, cost-saving machine that delivers value and performance," said Mark Wall, product marketing manager, John residential and other work in confined job sites.” The 75C has a 54-net-horsepower engine to provide both power and efficiency. This machine features Deere's exclusive Powerwize™ II engine/hydraulic system, which senses when additional power is needed and delivers it, as well as balancing hydraulic pressure and flow to ensure hydraulic functions are smooth. The Powerwize II system enables multi-function operation, minimizes fuel consumption and maximizes engine output. The 75C features a cab that is rich in operator comforts. Climate control is state-of-the-art, with an automatic, high-capacity blend-air system, multiple vents and an oversized smoke-tinted glass sunroof hatch that opens for maximum fresh airflow. The 75C features an integral backfilling blade that is a part of the machine's chassis and takes full advantage of the 12,350 pounds of drawbar pull. In addition to backfilling, the blade is well-suited for landscaping, fine grading, and cutting sidewalks and driveways.

John Deere Construction & Forestry Co.

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