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Crimping Tool

The 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool from Thomas & Betts features a balanced, ergonomic, in-line design that allows for one-handed operation while yielding 6 tons of output force. This makes it an ideal choice for crimping service entry connectors and lugs, as well as splicing up to 300 kcmil copper or 4/0 AWG aluminum wire.

The tool head of the 6-Ton Battery-Powered Crimping Tool includes fixed 5/8-inch BG and D crimp grooves, includes an O-die insert and is compatible with all W-style dies. Its jaws automatically return to the open position after completing a crimp, but the setting can be disabled to make the tool easier to operate in confined positions. The tool operates quietly with minimum of vibration. It is equipped with a maximum pressure valve for operational safety.

Thomas & Betts Corp. www.tnb.com
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