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Compression Splice Kits

The new Homac Copper Flood-Seal Compression Splice Kits from Thomas & Betts require no heat guns, pull cords, cutting or taping to install a watertight seal. The kit's pre-lubricated, sized, single-piece cover slides on and locks in place, making installation of watertight connections fast and easy.

The innovative design of the Homac splice and cover combination allows fast, easy and watertight copper-to-copper splice connections. The kits are also ideal for repairing copper service cables damaged by dig-ins or failures, and restoring the cables' watertight integrity.

Installation is a simple four-step process: slide the cover onto the cable; prepare the cable; crimp the splice; slide the cover back over the splice until it's positively centered and mates with the connector rib. The kits are available in wire sizes #2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 250 kcmil, 350 kcmil and 500 kcmil.

Thomas & Betts

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