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Cold Shrink Branch Splice

The 3M Cold Shrink Branch Splice QS-2001B from 3M allows power utilities and industrial contractors to more easily make a wye splice configuration on electrical power cables rated up to 15 kV. This branch splice was market tested in the U.S. and now is widely available.

The 2001B splice is made of silicone rubber and uses cold shrink technology, which was developed by 3M 40 years ago. It allows fast installation of the wye configuration without the force needed to install push-on modular splices or the time required for tape or heat shrink splices.

The 3M Branch Splice QS-2001B accepts all conductor sizes from #2 AWG through 500 kcmil. It is rated for 15-kV cable systems and accommodates main feeder cable runs and taps of 350-500 kcmil conductors. The splice also accommodates conductor sizes from #2 AWG through 250 kcmil with an adapter applied to increase the outer diameter of the cable. The connector supplied with the splice is a shear-bolt connector to provide the correct connection.

This three-way splice kit contains all components needed to splice, shield, ground, jacket and environmentally seal the cable.

3M Electrical Markets Division

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