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China Southern Power Grid Co.’s 500-kV DC Transmission Line on Line

After successful completion of the test phase, Siemens Energy commissioned the Guizhou-Guangdong II high voltage DC transmission link (HVDC) on schedule at the beginning of January. About 3000 MW of electric power now flows from hydroelectric and coal-fired power plants in western China over 1225 km (760 miles) to the urban and industrial centers of Guangdong province at a DC transmission voltage of +/- 500 kV. Siemens built the system together with Chinese partners on behalf of the China Southern Power Grid Co., a state-owned energy power supply company in Guangzhou. The value of the order for Siemens was over EUR100 million.

The burgeoning demand for power in China’s urban and industrial centers requires the transmission of large amounts of energy over distances of several hundred miles or more. This is only technically feasible and economically viable using high voltage DC transmission. China has increased the DC transmission voltage of future large-scale HVDC transmission links to +/- 800 kV, since China’s demand for power is growing and with it the need for longer power transmission routes.

“In this time of tremendous economic growth in China, our innovative high voltage DC transmission technology is not only facilitating the efficient, environmentally friendly use of energy sources located far from centers of consumption. With our solutions, we’re also helping to build reliable, sustainable energy systems in this very populous country, said Dr. Udo Niehage, CEO of the Power Transmission Division of the Siemens Energy Sector.

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