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Chain-Style Ratchet Cutter

The Hastings chain style ratchet cutter stores its chain above the handle, which maintains dielectric integrity of the handles. Typically, other cutters of this type have the conductive mechanism inside the handles.

Other features include:

  • OSHA tested fiber glass handles, which meet ASTM F-711.
  • Ratchet mechanism is chain driven, which increases mechanical advantage.
  • Shear-type cutting blades that stay sharp and won’t distort the cable.
  • Jaw "Keeper" at the end of the blades to prevent spreading under heavy loads.
  • Ratchet mechanism can be used with short strokes.
  • Cutting Capacity: 954 ACSR/1000 kcmil cu.alum./1.25 inch/31.75 mm.

Hastings www.hfgp.com

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