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California Establishes Transmission Project Initiative for Renewable Power Sources

The California Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (CRETI) is a statewide nitiative to help identify the transmission projects needed to accommodate renewable energy goals, support future energy policy, and facilitate transmission corridor designation and transmission and generation siting and permitting. CRETI will be an open and transparent collaborative process in which all interested parties are encouraged to participate.

CRETI will assess all competitive renewable energy zones in California and possibly also in neighboring states that can provide significant electricity to California consumers by

the year 2020. CRETI also will identify those zones that can be developed in the most cost effective and environmentally benign manner and will prepare detailed transmission plans for those zones identified for development.

The CRETI effort will be supervised by a coordinating committee comprised of California entities responsible for ensuring the implementation of the state's renewable energy policies and development of electric infrastructure, namely:

o California Energy Commission (Energy Commission)

o California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)

o California Independent System Operator (California ISO)

o Publicly-Owned Utilities (SCPPA, SMUD, and NCPA)

A new website section has been created for information about CRETI:

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