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Cable Remover

Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment has developed a new truck design for the removal of underground wire and cable. The Hub Drive Cable Puller was developed in cooperation with public utilities and offers a variety of patented design features to increase capacity, provide trouble-free performance and improve service life. The reel unit features a drive system that can deliver up to 400,000 inch-lbs (4609 kg-m) of torque and produce up to 20,000 lb (9072 kg) of pulling power. When extended, the entire reel unit can be moved laterally up to 30 inches (762 mm) in either direction, which makes spooling cable in difficult locations quick and easy. The winch system includes an adjustable winch-line sheave with built-in slack tension rollers and a low-volume hydraulic system. Overall, the truck is designed for heavy-duty operation with a low deck height that is clear of obstacles, convenient compartments with large storage capacity and complete safety features. The reel-drive system is all hydraulic with a direct-drive crankshaft powered by two hydraulic cylinders on each arm. The hydraulic lifting cylinders are directly connected to the arms without any linkage.

The winch is designed with an over-wound winch cable. Incorporated with the winch is a winch-line pulling sheave that can be hydraulically adjusted and features built-in slack tension rollers to take up cable slack for operator safety. The reel and winch systems are designed with a proportional-controlled modular hydraulic system that incorporates a variable-flow, pressure-compensated pump with a low-volume hydraulic system that requires 30 gal (136 l) of hydraulic fluid.


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