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Bushing and Stinger Covers

Rauckman Utility Products' line of animal-mitigation devices now includes new RUP Bushing Covers and Stinger Covers. Both products are formulated from a track-resistant silicone-enriched elastomer formulated specifically for the extreme requirements of the electric utility industry. They have flame-retardant properties certified to the V-0 criteria of Underwriters' Laboratory Standard of UL-94. Additionally, they have higher ultra-violet (UV) stability including Hindered Amine Light Stabilization.

RUP Bushing Covers come in two models, one with button closure and the other with a tube closure (both are UV stabilized). RUP Stinger Covers are offered in three diameters (¨ü, ¨ý and ¨ú inches), each available in a variety of lengths. All sizes are pre-slit with a generous material overlap. The overlapping lip is created using a unique manufacturing process that provides material memory while preserving flexibility.
Rauckman Utility Products, LLC | www.rauckmanutility.com

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