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Bundle Lifter for Conductor Support

Bundle Lifter for Conductor Support

Diversified Product's Bundle Lifter provides power line and electric utility crews with a faster and more efficient solution for removing, supporting and reconnecting insulator strings during energized work. The bundle lifter enhances safety while optimizing the utilization of equipment and personnel.

For applications involving bundles held by a yoke plate, the bundle lifter offers linemen the advantage of maintaining the plate in an upright position, rather than having to straighten it up using hot sticks. By making it faster and easier to reconnect the plate to an insulator string, the bundle lifter saves time for line crews while also greatly diminishing lineman fatigue.

Field tested and approved by transmission and distribution maintenance professionals, the bundle lifter is constructed of high-strength steel and 10-ft (3-m) clear span fiberglass. For optimal maneuverability and safety, the unit is designed to allow ample clearance above a crossarm while avoiding interference with an insulator string. The lifter has a load capacity of 3500 lb (1588 kg) and is rated to 240 kV.

Standard features include a pivoting gate that retains the yoke plate within the lifter, as well as an attachment point for linemen to guide the lifter with hot sticks.

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