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Battery-Powered ACSR Cable Cutter

The new Greenlee ES25 makes the task of cutting tough ACSR and other steel reinforced cables quick and easy. Simply place the jaw opening around the cable, swing the cutting blade into place, and then pull the trigger. The ES25 does the rest. The ES25 is equipped with a heavy­duty motor that enables the cutting of ACSR up 636 kcmil.

The ES25 comes with a 14.4 V NiCd battery and is capable of making approximately 50 cuts of Grosbeak or 120 cuts of Merlin on one battery charge. The blades are specially contoured and designed to slice the aluminum strands and then snap the steel strands.

Each cut takes about 8 sec or less. The forward/reverse lever and the trigger on the ES25 are all operated with one hand allowing the operator to position and steady the cable with the other hand. The rugged gear drive system assures long life and smooth operation. An integral circuit breaker protects the motor if the tool becomes overloaded.

Greenlee www.greenlee.com

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