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ATCO Electric Enters International Alliance to Complete Capital Work in Alberta

ATCO Electric, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has reached an alliance agreement with UK-based Balfour Beatty and Australia-based United Group Limited to assist ATCO Electric in completing its transmission capital program.

Within its service area, ATCO Electric will undertake a large portion of the necessary transmission capital work identified in the 2007-2017 Alberta Electric System Operator's (AESO) 10-year transmission system plan. In its plan, AESO identifies the potential need for $5 billion in transmission development to ensure a reliable supply of electricity for Albertans.

"ATCO Electric has a significant capital program and forming an alliance with these two companies on key capital projects is a unique and sustainable way to get this volume of work done safely and efficiently," said ATCO Electric President, Sett Policicchio. "Our people are experts at what they do and they will work hand in hand with our partners to develop projects responsibly and in a way that is open, transparent and addresses the needs of both our customers and our business partners."

ATCO Electric entered the ATCO Electric/Balfour Beatty/ United Group Alliance to supplement its own capacity and meet the demands of its capital work program in the context of Alberta's strong economy and the demand for skilled workers across the province. Based on ATCO Electric's current and projected capital work program, the estimated value of the alliance contract is approximately $700 million over the next five years. This will ensure that ATCO Electric can continue to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity to its customers now and into the future.

Balfour Beatty and United Group Limited will provide engineering, construction, procurement and project management services to supplement ATCO Electric's own expertise. Both companies are recognized internationally for their quality of work and have considerable alliancing experience.

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