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ATC Receives Approval for Wausau-Area Upgrade

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has approved American Transmission Co.’s application to make improvements to the electric grid in Wausau. “Reinforcement of the transmission system in the area is necessary to address voltage problems that could lead to localized blackouts and to support the addition of the new generator at the Weston power plant,” explains Lee Meyerhofer, local relations representative for ATC.

The $16 million project involves rebuilding an existing 11-mile transmission line between the Gardner Park Substation in Kronenwetter and the Hilltop Substation in Stettin. Wooden H-frame style structures that carry the existing line will be replaced with single-pole steel structures capable of carrying an additional circuit. All work will occur in the existing right-of-way for which ATC has easement rights.

“Affected property owners were informed of the project last summer before we filed our regulatory application,” Meyerhofer notes. “We will continue to stay in contact throughout construction, which will begin as soon as this coming winter.”

The project has an in-service date of June 2007.

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