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AREVA to Deliver a Second Converter Station to Uruguay

AREVA has been awarded an approx 150 million USD contract by ISUR (Interconexiones del Sur), for the delivery of a back-to-back High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) converter station in Melo, northeast of Uruguay.

This station will be built to interconnect Brazil and Uruguay’s power networks which have different frequencies, 60 Hz and 50 Hz correspondingly. It’s the second HVDC converter station ever built in the country, the first one having been delivered by AREVA.

Through this contract, a new high-voltage interconnection will be built between the countries to allow electric power exchange, hence enabling both countries to optimize the use of their energy resources, with strong economical and environmental benefits.

The project is due for completion at the end of 2010.

Philippe Guillemot, CEO of AREVA’s Transmission and Distribution division, said, "This is a strategic contract for us as it enables our company to reinforce our presence in the region. It succeeds a major achievement, the construction of Rivera’s HVDC converter station between Uruguay and Brazil by AREVA in 2000.”

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