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American Transmission Co. Line in Service

American Transmission Co. Line in Service

A 5-mi, 345-kV line went into service in December, 2013, providing one more connection on ATC system between Wisconsin and Illinois. The Pleasant Prairie-Zion Energy Center project will help relieve transmission system congestion in the region and enable customers to more easily buy and sell power when it is economic to do so.

The project is ATC's first Multi-Value Project designated by the Midcontinent Independent System Operator to be placed into service. MISO recognized the economic benefits of large capacity regional transmission lines when it introduced a portfolio of 17 projects whose costs would be shared across the entire MISO service territory.

MISO estimates that the average utility customer in the region will see $23 in benefits from lowered delivered energy costs for about $11 a year in investment in the MVP projects - a 109 percent return.

Pleasant Prairie line

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