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AltaLink Plans Structure Replacement for Griffith Woods Park

To maintain system reliability, AltaLink, Calgary, Canada, plans to replace structures along two of its 138-kV transmission lines within Griffith Woods Park, Calgary. The company is proposing to replace the two individual 138-kV lines with one single-pole double circuit line on the same easement. Therefore, AltaLink will reduce the need for tree clearing and trimming on either side of the line and the visual impact of the line at ground level for residents and for those who use the park’s pathway system in the area will be improved.

AltaLink is currently completing the consultation program with members of the community surrounding the Griffith Woods Park prior to filing its application with the Alberta Utilities Commission.

Initial tree trimming began in February 2008 and will resume when the ground in Griffith Woods is frozen this winter.

Prior to the replacement of any structures, AltaLink must receive approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for the new facilities. Through consultation with homeowners in the area, Altalink is reviewing potential options for structures within the park before submitting its application, probably later this summer. Pending AUC approval, construction is planned for the January to March 2009 time period.

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