Adjustable Ratchet Torque Tooling

Expanding the BURNDY® Engineered System to encompass mechanically installed connections, BURNDY® introduces a line of professional grade torque wrenches to enable end users to accurately terminate mechanical connectors to their required torque value. The BTW-series of torque wrenches are individually serialized and calibrated to provide consistent, quality connections when installing BURNDY® mechanical connectors. The following features are highlighted:

  • Ratcheting, calibrated, dual direction for ease of use
  • Positive lock with spring-loaded pull-down lock ring assures the user that the torque setting is properly engaged and secure
  • Quick release button for interchanging sockets with ease
  • Rugged, lightly knurled metal handle offers ergonomic non-slip grip that withstands the rigors of professional use
  • Micro-adjustable design minimizes the need for several wrenches
  • Individually serialized and calibrated traceable to N.I.S.T.
  • Made in the USA.


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