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ABB to Supply 500-kV Static VAR Compensator for Allegheny Power Substation

ABB has been awarded a contract to supply a 500 kV static var compensator (SVC) for Allegheny Power's Black Oak Substation in Western Maryland to improve reliability on the PJM electricity system.

The contract – scheduled for completion by the end of next year – is the largest turnkey SVC contract ever awarded in the United States and further contributes to ABB's position as the leading supplier of SVC technology.

"After an extensive qualification and evaluation process, Allegheny selected ABB for this project based on their established track record, strong local presence, aggressive value proposition and ability to provide an accelerated delivery schedule," explained David E. Flitman, President, Allegheny Power.

ABB has more than 500 global installations either in service or under construction. A SVC is power electronics equipment that provides fast-acting reactive power compensation on high-voltage electricity transmission networks. SVC technology increases transmission capacity and stabilizes power supply and is also a vital part of the transmission system for maintaining reliability during various system conditions.

"Allegheny is committed to relieving transmission congestion to better serve their customers and ensure the stability of the transmission system," says Michael Barnoski, head of ABB's North American Power Systems division. "This technology is in strong demand by utilities as they seek to improve reliability and improve performance of existing assets."
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