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ABB Prepares for 380-kV Breaker Launch

ABB is preparing to launch the type 362PMG-B gang operated, dead tank gas circuit breaker in the third quarter of 2012. This design is built off the hugely successful launch of the 362PMI-B independent pole operated breaker in early 2011. The 362PMG-B provides a universal solution for those users requiring only 3-phase tripping and closing functionality. 

The 362PMG-B integrates a few new features that drive the already minimal total life cycle costs even lower. The main feature of this product is the consolidation of the three poles onto a common frame which optimizes transportation and installation schedule and costs. 

The breaker will be the first DTB (dead tank breaker) equipped with the high-energy BLG 1002 spring drive used on LTB’s (live tank breakers) across the world for over 20 years.

The installation process is simplified to installing the sub frame, lifting the 3-pole assembly and mounting it to the sub-frame, rotating the center phase (tilted to allow for assembled shipment), sliding the control cubicle into position and coupling the BLG. The entire process from truck to pad is expected to take less than one eight hour day with a crew of 2-3 people. 

The breaker will carry similar ratings to that of the 362PMI-B which has led the industry by eliminating the need for line-to-ground capacitors on line applications, high TRV ratings, 4000-A current, high altitude performance, M2 (10,000 operations mechanical endurance) and C2 capacitor switching ratings.

In future developments, a closing resistor switch will be added to the 362PMI-B variant thus completing ABB’s lineup of 345-kV to 420-kV DTB’s. 
The breaker is being initially launched with production in ABB’s modern production facility in Mt. Pleasant, PA, beginning in the first quarter of 2013 or earlier.

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