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ABB to Deliver Innovative Energy Storage Solution in Sweden

ABB has won an order from the Swedish utility Falbygdens Energi (a subsidiary of Göteborgs Energi) to supply an innovative dynamic energy storage solution for its power distribution network.

The storage solution is based on a new technology that uses a battery storage device to provide stability to the grid. The equipment will be installed as part of an existing substation in the city of Falköping and will enable the storage of locally produced energy from wind turbines. Storage capacity will be 75 kW in cycles of up to 60 min.

This will help to balance peak loads during the day and enhance grid stability. It will be the first such low-voltage dynamic storage solution of its kind in the country, and is part of a partnership agreement between the two companies to collaborate on developing technologies to facilitate the integration of renewable energies and the evolution of smarter grids.

“We have a significant proportion of wind power connected to the grid in this region and expect this to grow further," said Lars Ohlsson, CEO of Falbygdens Energi. "This innovative storage solution will make it possible to store wind energy during the night when demand is low and distribute it to users during the day, allowing us to use this clean renewable energy more efficiently and minimizing the need for fossil fuel-based electricity generation. As part of this pilot, we will also study the feasibility of the stored energy to be deployed as auxiliary power for charging of electrical vehicles.”

“Clean and renewable energy sources like wind are also unpredictable and intermittent," said Bruno Melles, head of ABB's medium voltage power products business, a part of the company’s Power Products division. "Storage technologies can help balance loads, while maintaining stability as power grids and networks become smarter and more flexible. We are pleased to partner with Falbygdens Energi on the development of this storage technology, which will provide many useful insights.”

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