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660 kV HVDC Success in China

As of Nov. 28, 2010, Pole 1 of State Grid Corporation of China’s (SGCC) Ningdong-Shandong 660 kV HVDC connection has full 2000 MW power for commercial operation. This is a great milestone for Alstom Grid and our Chinese partner, CEPRI, to demonstrate our strong capability and teamwork in this project.

This project has been full of world records: i.e., 660 kV voltage, single 12-pulse bridge per pole, large cross section line of 1000 mm², transmission distance of 1335 km, and a centralized control and protection system.

“Long-distance HVDC connections at voltages above 500 kV will become more frequent around the world, connecting large power generation sites with distant load-centers,” stated Michel Augonnet, Senior Vice President, Alstom Grid. “Alstom Grid is very proud to have been selected to work with SGCC and CEPRI on these important projects as they underline the viability of our HVDC thyristor valve technology at ultra-high voltages.”

According to SGCC, Pole 2 is on schedule for commercial operation by the end of February 2011. This contract was signed in May 2009 together with another contract for the HVDC interconnection from the Three Gorges Dam to Shanghai.

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