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500 kV Line Zarya-Barabinsk-Tavricheskaya Goes On Line

A ceremony was held to connect the new 500-kV transmission line "Zarya – Barabinsk – Tavricheskaya" to the Unified Energy System (UES) of Russia, linking the Omsk and Novosibirsk Energy Systems. The new power facility will help improve the reliability and integrity of the UES of Russia.

The Zarya – Barabinsk – Tavricheskaya line is the first 500-kV bulk transmission line to have been built in Russia which links the Omsk Energy System to the Unified National Energy Grid (UNEG). Up to now, the energy systems of Ural and Siberia were linked through bulk transmission lines running across Kazakhstan.

The total amount of funds spent on this 729.8-km long line was RUB6.8 billion. The project was implemented using modern imported and locally-made equipment and machinery.

Also, for the first time in Russia, a 180-MVAR, 500-kV bus-controlled reactor bank was built on the Tavricheskaya Substation. This installation will make it possible to smoothly regulate the voltage depending on the grid conditions, increase the capacity transferred through the line while reducing power losses, and simplify the grid repairs and maintenance
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