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3M Tape Designed to Protect Terminations

The new Scotch Silicone Rubber Electrical Tape 70 HDT is designed to increase resistance against surface arcing and tracking of high voltage cable terminations. This tape may be used on terminations operated outdoors or indoors and in areas subject to increased levels of contamination or moisture. Tape 70 HDT is made of self-fusing, inorganic silicone rubber and has a triangular profile (tapered edge). This tape may also be used as the base layer for clean reentry of a connection.

Scotch 70 HDT Tape has a peak thickness of 20 mils and an edge thickness of 8 mils. It also features a blue center guide line to make half-lapping easier.

This Scotch rubber tape has excellent track, arc and ozone resistance, high dielectric strength, excellent conformability, excellent instantaneous fusion and excellent weathering characteristics. It is a Class H material, meaning it is suitable for 180 C continuous operation; it also performs at extremely low temperatures.

Scotch 70 HDT Tape is available in 1-inch by 30-foot rolls at electrical distributorships.

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