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£1.6m Upgrade for EDF Power Network

EDF Energy Networks has begun installing replacement underground electricity cables between the major substation in Swanley, UK and the major substation in Orpington as part of a £1.6 million project. This work is part of a planned replacement scheme to maintain reliable supplies to the area and to cope with future demand. Preliminary work began in August and the whole project is scheduled to last until April, with the majority of work completed by the end of January.

This work will be carried out on our behalf by our contractor, J Murphy and Sons and involves digging a series of short trenches to bury ducts for electricity cables which will be pulled through later. This technique enables work to be done in shorter trenches, which are left open for less time to ensure minimal impact on local residents.

Barry Hatton, EDF Energy Networks’ Director of Capital Program, said: “This essential project represents a major investment in maintaining and improving the energy infrastructure in the Swanley and Orpington areas for the foreseeable future.

"EDF Energy Networks is determined to provide a reliable supply of electricity and this project is part of our commitment. We hope people will understand the need for this work to be undertaken and would like to assure them it will be carried out with the utmost consideration for the community.”

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