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Internet of Things: Threat or Promise? Wilgengebroed on Flickr

Internet of Things: Threat or Promise?

This month we’re doing something a little different with our reader poll. A reader sent in a question for our Grid Masters. But we’re going to also toss it out to you, our readers. Chew on this, give us your comments below and let’s get a good discussion going.

IoT/IoE (Internet of Things/ Internet of Everything) are key emerging technologies that are entering into the utility space. If we consider all assets on T&D networks as "things," would there be some IoT platform available to control, manage & operate them? What could be the hitches in terms of communication protocols if something similar is to be achieved? Can we address the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)-related security issues with IoT-based platforms? And finally, if we start getting data from all the "things," what is the value propositions we can deliver with this truly big data?

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