Line Life Podcast: ICYMI: Inventing Tools to Solve Field Challenges

April 26, 2024
This audio story showcases how Salt River Project's line crews are using new inventions to improve productivity and safety in the field.

For the latest episode in our In Case You Missed It series, we are featuring the story, "Inventing Tools to Solve Field Challenges" from T&D World's Electric Utility Operations section. The article, which was written by JD Newham, showcases how Salt River Project (SRP) partnered with a product development company to improve processes for its field workforce. 

At SRP, the transmission group strives to work smarter, not harder. Lately, the team members have identified tasks in pole maintenance and construction with room for improvement. 

After conducting research on these challenges, they discovered other utilities are facing similar issues. To tackle the obstacles head on, SRP began inventing specialized tools to help the line crews to improve productivity. By developing prototypes, the company aimed to make lineworkers’ jobs easier while increasing efficiency.

To ensure the designs were sound and to provide quality manufacturing, SRP partnered with LineWise, an integrated product design and development firm. By bringing in outside help, SRP was able to bring its visions to life.

To learn more, listen to the podcast by clicking here. Also, click here to read the story published in the field-focused Electric Utility Operations section of T&D World magazine. 


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