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Line Life Podcast: Working on the Line in Illinois

April 19, 2024
Milton Draper, journeyman lineworker and foreman for Ameren Illinois, runs a three-person crew and mentors apprentices at the training center.

For many lineworkers, the line life is a family tradition. Milton Draper, a journeyman lineworker and foreman for Ameren Illinois, however, married into a family who worked in the trade including his father-in-law and wife's uncle, grandpa and cousin.

After working in the construction industry, he started pursuing his career in the line trade for Ameren Illinois. He now runs a three-person crew with two apprentices.

"I love working outside, I love working with my hands and I love a good challenge," he says. 

In addition to working in the field, he also spends time at the training centers coaching apprentices. 

"I love watching an apprentice start to finish," he says. "It's great teaching ones from when they first start to climb up until the day that they actually top out."

In addition to working as a lineworker, he's also a father to two children. He and his wife brought them to the International Lineman's Rodeo, and we also talked to his nine-year-old son, Preston, who is also featured on this episode of the Line Life Podcast. 

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