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T&D Talk, Episode 2: Exploring Digital Grid Resiliency Assessments

June 26, 2023
Ray Kasten of Southwire describes how utilities can maximize their investments and minimize power disruptions with a digital grid resiliency assessment.

For our second episode in our T&D Talk podcast series, we're focusing on the topic of digital grid resiliency assessments. During Episode 2, Ray Kasten, vice president, digital solutions, for Southwire, has a conversation with Field Editor Amy Fischbach about the need for the assessments.

"Essentially, we have millions of devices that have been running past their life expectancy," he says. "The assets are dispersed over 1,000s of miles, and we have a retiring workforce."

With lower O&M dollars and more customers working from home, utilities can conduct a 30-day assessment to measure the health of their network, identify areas of improvement with the highest ROI and improve reliability and resiliency with limited dollars. The assessment includes Grid Modernization, Vegetation Optimization and Asset Performance. 

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