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T&D Talk Episode 1: Extending the Life of Underground Cables

April 10, 2023
Our first episode in our T&D Talk Podcast series highlights how Southwire Cable Rejuvenation Services injects new life into utilities' aging underground cables.
T&D World is launching T&D Talk, a new special series on our Line Life Podcast channel. For each episode, companies can share their stories about how they are supporting the electric utility industry. Through their tools, technologies, products and services, they are helping lineworkers and fieldworkers improve their productivity and safety.

Episode 1 focuses on the cable rejuvenation process by Southwire Cable Rejuvenation Services, formerly Novinium Underground. Listen to the episode to hear Field Editor Amy Fischbach discuss cable rejuvenation with Wayne Chatterton, director of strategy for the services industry and James Steele, director of engineering, for Southwire

To listen to the episode, click on the link below. You can also learn more about the company’s cable rejuvenation services by visiting 

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