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GE Power Systems Engineering Course Enters Fourth Quarter

GE Energy’s Learning Center has entered its fourth quarter of power systems engineering courses (PSEC). The topic area of this quarter’s courses, which began on Nov. 12 and go through Dec. 13, is “emerging technologies and project alternatives.”

Courses included in this quarter’s PSEC include competitive power generation, wind power fundamentals, alternative energy applications, nuclear power fundamentals, integrated gasification fundamentals, and energy project planning and presentation.

The PSEC format accommodates students interested in pursuing short courses that require a two- to four-day commitment; quarterly modules that focus on four-week specialized areas; or the entire program (taken by the majority of students, who will reside in the Schenectady area for that term). With GE’s sequential course arrangement, a participant may start the PSEC program with one or more courses or quarters, and return later to finish the program, earning a certificate of completion. This format allows more flexibility for students who wish to attend selected courses or disciplines. At the same time, students enrolled for the entire program will have more time to focus on each individual course.

The typical class day consists of lecture in the morning and problem-solving exercises, group discussions, or site visits/tours by the students in the afternoon depending on class. Class tuition includes training materials, certain site visits and textbooks for some courses. Daily refreshments and complimentary cafeteria meal cards are provided for students at the beginning of each class week. Travel and living expenses are not included.

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