golden colorado By Billy Hathorn (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

Xcel Energy to Host Tour of Lookout Control Center at IEEE PES Conference

Enrich your experience and visit to Denver by participating in the technical tour program

Located in scenic Golden Colorado, the Xcel Energy Lookout Center facility provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of over 4,300 miles of high-voltage transmission, 365 days of the year. With a service area in excess of 8,200 square miles, the Lookout Center dispatch crew provides real time contingency analysis and supervisory control of over 5,000 MW of Xcel-owned generation and 220 substations.

Within the Xcel Energy PSCo footprint, Xcel operates over 250 MW of Solar and 2,500 MW of wind generation capacity, demonstrating Xcel Energy’s commitment toward renewable energy sources.  The Control Center features an 80' wide by 20' high state of the art dynamic map board that contains over 4,500 LED status indicators. Lookout Center also has a dedicated training simulator facility for operator training and testing.

Government IDs are required to gain access. Non-U.S. citizens may attend with passport. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday tours are available. A ticket is required: $30.

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