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TVA Plans Power Supply Upgrade for Huntsville, Alabama

TVA is considering improvements to the transmission system north of Huntsville, Alabama including a 161-kV transmission line that would power Huntsville Utilities’ planned upgrade of its Charity Lane Substation from 46 kV to 161 kV. The expanded substation and 12 to 18 mi of line are needed to provide continued reliable power to the growing area.

The proposed transmission line would extend northwest from TVA’s existing Madison 500-kV Substation towards the upgraded Charity Lane Substation.

TVA is considering several alternative routes from a network of 50 alternative line segments. About two miles of the line could use the vacant side of existing double-circuit towers. The rest of the line would be built on steel pole structures centered on a 100-ft right-of-way. A map (PDF, 786 kb) shows the network of alternative routes TVA is considering for the proposed transmission line.

Construction would begin spring 2014 with an in-service date of fall 2014.

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