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employees-working-on-electric-lines.tmb-newsbanner.jpg NIPSCO

NIPSCO Invests in System Upgrades to Boost System Reliability

Michels Corporation will be supporting the planned work, which includes upgrades to NIPSCO's transmission system.

NIPSCO has announced the first phase of a long-term project to upgrade portions of the electric transmission system, beginning in Michigan City, to support future reliability for all its customers. The upgrade includes retiring 52 existing electric transmission lattice towers and converting them to steel monopole towers, installing nine miles of new electric transmission line within existing pathways and new energy conductors to provide greater capacity to the system.

The transmission project will begin construction on Monday, October 21 and is expected to last until May 2020. Construction will take place in the existing rights-of-way between the Michigan City Generating Station and the Bosserman Electric Substation to the east.

Michels Corporation, an approved NIPSCO contractor, will be supporting the planned work. Similar reliability projects to support NIPSCO’s electric generation transition plan will be announced in the future.

For more information on NIPSCO’s modernization plan, visit

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