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Fingrid to Build 400 Kv Main Grid Transmission Line From West Coast to Southern Finland

June 7, 2024
Fingrid plans to invest approximately $4.3 billion in the main grid over the next decade to power the green transition.

Finland’s transmission system operator, Fingrid is building a 400 kV main grid transmission line, the Lowlands Line, from Kalajoki to Jamsa to transmit electricity from the major wind power production hub on the west coast to consumption sites in another place.

The transmission line, to be completed in 2027, will enable new customer connections to the main grid and improve the overall security of the power system.

The project also involves the construction of three substations to enable renewable electricity production in areas where main grid connections are not possible.

The line will not only increase the transmission capacity from the west coast to southern Finland but also strengthen the electricity market’s efficiency and help Finland to remain a single price area in the electricity market.

To be completed in phases, the transmission line section between Jylkka and Alajarvi will be completed in 2027, and the one between Alajarvi and Toivila will be completed in 2028. A separate transmission line from Aback to Nokia is planned to strengthen the power system in the southern part of the west coast and is expected to be completed in 2028.

Fingrid plans to invest approximately $4.3 billion in the main grid over the next decade to power the green transition.

The planned projects are based on forecasts of Finland’s future electricity production and consumption structure. One precondition for the realization of the investment program is a licensing and regulatory environment supporting the main grid investments.

According to the operator, 5,000 MW of wind power capacity is set to be built. A significant amount of clean, renewable electricity production has also been built along the west coast, while the volume of production from fossil fuels has declined in Southern Finland.

Before the announcement, Fingrid revealed five potential areas along the west coast, namely Ulvila, Narpio, Vaasa, Raahe and Raisio, for offshore wind parks to be connected to the grid by the 2030s.

The Inkoo area has also been identified as a potential connection area, provided offshore wind power development becomes feasible in Finland’s southern sea areas.

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Fingrid Oyj is Finland’s transmission system operator: its owners are the Finnish state and Finnish pension insurance companies. Our mission is to secure the supply of energy in our society in all circumstances and to promote a clean, market-based power system.

We secure Finland’s energy supply by transmitting electricity through the main grid – the high-voltage network or ”highway” of the power system – from production facilities to industrial customers and electricity companies. The nationwide main grid forms the backbone of the electricity transmission network, connecting major electricity producers, factories with high energy consumption, and distribution networks.

Fingrid ensures disturbance-free access to electricity in Finland. A constant balance is required between the production and consumption of electricity. It is our statutory duty to maintain this balance 24/7. We do not produce electricity ourselves, but can temporarily generate power with reserve power plants in the event of disturbances.

The Finnish power system is part of the joint Nordic power system. Electricity is constantly flowing from one country to another, and Finland is also connected to the Central European power system through electricity transmission connections. Finland also has transmission connections to Estonia. These cross-border connections safeguard the power system’s security even in the coldest winters. On the other hand, sufficient transmission connections are also the best guarantee of a functioning electricity market.

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