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CTC Global and Gupta Power Partner to Manufacture Electrical Conductors in India

CTC Global and Gupta Power have established a new partnership to produce, distribute, market and sell ACCC electrical conductors in India. The companies will use CTC Global’s internationally patented ACCC conductor core after settled the litigation, which was filed by CTC Global, relating to the enforcement of its patents right in India.

CTC Global will provide Gupta Power with CTC Global’s patented carbon fiber ACCC composite core in a range of sizes. Gupta Power will manufacture and deliver ACCC conductors tailored to meet the growing needs of India’s electric transmission and distribution utilities.

CTC Global’s CEO J.D. Sitton stated: “CTC has worked long and hard to develop its technology, its products and to defend its patent rights. I am pleased that Gupta Power has embraced and respected CTC’s efforts and look forward to working with Gupta Power in the coming years to deliver value-based products to serve growing customer demand in India.”

Mr. Mahendra Gupta, MD, Gupta Power added: “Our endeavor, for the past five decades, has been to achieve excellence in manufacturing innovative and premium quality products. We have always catered to the growing demands of our customers and consumers in the utility sector. We believe in dedicating ourselves to the service of the people. We are extremely delighted to have established a strong working relationship with CTC Global and are looking forward to extending relationships with many Indian utilities by fulfilling the growing demand for ACCC conductor.”

The agreement between CTC Global Corporation and Gupta Power marks the beginning of what is expected to be a long and successful partnership. The addition of Gupta Power to CTC Global’s growing list of international manufacturing partners will provide improved regional access and customer support for the high-performance, energy-efficient ACCC conductor. ACCC conductors have already been deployed to more than 600 project sites in more than 50 countries to help improve the efficiency, capacity, reliability and resilience of electric power grids around the world.

Below is a video clip of a CTC Global Factory Tour showing how CTC Global's advanced ACCC composite conductor core and associated components are produced. 

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