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CTC Global and General Cable Expand ACCC Conductor Partnership

CTC Global has announced the signing of an agreement with General Cable that implements an expanded ACCC licensing arrangement. Under this new agreement, General Cable has been granted the rights to manufacture, promote and sell high-capacity, low-loss ACCC bare overhead transmission and distribution conductor in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. This agreement combines the unique strengths of both companies — General Cable’s century long experience supporting the utility market with technologically advanced product, and CTC Global’s patented ACCC conductor utilizing proprietary carbon fiber core technology — to deliver cost-effective electric grid efficiency solutions to utility customers.

General Cable began working with CTC in 2004, gaining extensive experience manufacturing the ACCC conductors. This new agreement strengthens this long-standing relationship as General Cable’s strategically positioned direct sales force assumes a more comprehensive role in sales and distribution.

“The expansion of more than a decade-long collaborative partnership strongly supports our strategic commitment to provide innovative solutions to fill the demand for increased capacity with enhanced reliability for a more sustainable power grid,” said Craig Snyder, Vice President and General Manager, General Cable Electric Utility Products. “Our relationship with CTC assures our utility customers access to the most comprehensive and leading-edge transmission products.”

CTC Global’s Chief Executive Officer J.D. Sitton stated, “We are very pleased to strengthen our commitment and relationship with General Cable to better serve our U.S. and Canadian customers and to grow the market for our high-capacity, low-loss ACCC overhead conductors.”

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